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Loving More
Home page for Loving More, an organization which publishes Loving More magazine and sponsors annual conferences on the subject of polyamory.

Tristan Taormino's Opening Up
Includes message boards, a list of resources on creating and sustaining open relationships, and a blog by noted poly author Tristan Taormino.

Polyamory Weekly
The polyamory podcast! News, interviews, commentary, and discussions from Minx.

Franklin Veaux's Polyamory FAQ
In addition to the FAQ, this page is one of the most comprehensive poly "how-to's" on the net, with lots of practical information and a comprehensive glossary.

The alt.Poly home page
Includes FAQ's, a Guide to Screwing Up a Poly Relationship (or, what mistakes NOT to make), and even a poly BBS.

Resources for poly people. Conferences, organizations, books, news, and other resources.

The Bi Cafe

Sacred Sexuality

Polyamory Index
The polyamory section of sexuality.org. Resources, writings, and so on.

Polyamory Society
News, information, discussion, and resources, particularly for people who aren't necessarily poly but know people who are.

Atlanta Poly Weekend
A 3-day, participant-generated conference that focuses on polyamory's emergence in mainstream culture and its intersections with various subcultures and social movements.

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